Nexthamburg is a city lab for Hamburg citizens – independent and open to all, who want to shape the future of Hamburg together.

Nexthamburg provides a stage for citizens’ ideas, opinions, expectations and ensures that they are heard in the city. Nexthamburg offers new participatory tools, available in the Internet and through events, to anyone who wants to join. The long-term goal of Nexthamburg is to help the citizens in developing ideas towards realisable solutions. The team’s role is doing feasibility studies and political work for the project ideas.

Nexthamburg has been active from April 2009 and in autumn 2012 was registered as a non-profit association. From 2009 to late 2011, it was funded as a pilot project of the National Urban Development Policy by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Today, Nexthamburg is financed by private donations from foundations, through projects with other actors in the city and by the transfer of knowledge to other NGOs or local authorities.

In 2011, Nexthamburg was granted the German prize “Germany – Land of Ideas” (Deutschland: Land der Ideen).